Saturday, February 13, 2016

ResQ to the animal rescue

Pune does not only belong to us humans. Aren’t its animals Punekars too? The Punekar spoke to ResQ on how the citizens can save a sick or injured furry that lives on the streets of our beloved city.

Online libraries operating in Pune

If you want books and toys on rent, you have online libraries where you can do that in the city. Read on to know...

Discovering Pune’s heritage and food

The old city food trail takes you to various eateries that have been serving Punekars tasty food for a long time now. Read more to know where the trail takes you and what kind of food was served...

Take that thaali

Finding Maharashtrian thaalis in Pune is not a problem; finding the right one is. We give you a small information on where to find the perfect thaalis in the city, both veg and non-veg

What’s baking this Christmas?

For best baked products at reasonable price, here is a list of bakeries where good products and price meet very easily. Christmas and New Year is nearing, so why not indulge your sweet tooth?

Adopting a pet in Pune

If you want to adopt a pet and don't know where to head, we provide you with names to approach for your wish...

Party all night, but with a budget

Partying with your pals can be quite the thing, if you know where to go. Want to have a nightlife with friends on a budget? Here are some happening places which are easy on budget...

Mud forts: A significant part of Diwali

In Maharashtra, Diwali is celebrated with an array of different customs and traditions. Very few know why we make kille at this time of the year though. The Punekar tells you the answer...

Pune Festival 2013 hits town

Here is the complete schedule for Pune Festival for you..

Foodie Delights for Ganeshotsav

Ganeshotsav is not just about taking a darshan of Bappa, its also about having some wonderful food afterwards. Here are a few places you should visit while visiting your favourite Ganpati mandal.