Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ajwain Cold Soup

Ajwain has its own antiseptic properties & helps as a digestive aid & relief from abdominal discomfort due to digestion. Here's a cold soup/ welcome drink made from the Ajwain leaf mixed with buttermilk, a perfect summer coolant & excellent for digestion.

Mango Muffin with Mango frosting

The mango season is almost over, but Pune's love for the king of fruits is yet to die out. Here is a simple recipe to make tasty mango muffins that everyone can gorge on...

Yummy Sandwiches!

These days kids are at home enjoying their summer vacations and it is quite a task to feed their little fussy tummies with different snacks when they are hungry. Here are some sandwiches which the kids will gobble in no time...

Relish on yummy pound cake!

The pound cake or sponge cake is a rich and buttery cake with golden brown crust that goes well with tea or coffee. Soni Khadilkar shares her recipe to help you bake one at home....

Scrumptious summer salads

Having a healthy dinner is in vogue now a days, and a lot of people are becoming calorie conscious thus opting for eating a bowl full of salad for dinner. Here are the recipes of two salads that are easy to cook and light but filling.

Kairi recipes for summer

Kairi or raw mango is a versatile fruit available in abundance this season. We tell you the recipes to use this fruit to make Kairi panha and methamba...

Amrakhanda recipe for Gudi padva

To celebrate the Marathi New Year, we give you the recipe to cook amrakhanda, which you can enjoy along with puris for a wonderful Maharashtrian lunch or dinner....

Rang Barse Khaane Ka

Want something traditional yet unusual prepared for your hungry soul this Holi? Read the recipes given to us by three city hotels and their talented chefs

Monsoon treats from my mom’s kitchen

Every year the rains bring with it numerous illnesses. Doctors and parents advice that you watch what you eat and preferable eat home cooked food. My mother’s not different. Every year during the months of these showers she dishes out some delectable treats for me. Here I am sharing some recipes that I so love to gorge on.

Mango delight

It’s the season of the king of fruits – Mango. The Punekar got Chef Mayur Tiwari of Pune Marriott Hotels and Convention Centre to give us two of his favourite mango recipes to try out this summers. Take a look!