Sunday, February 14, 2016

Laugh it off

"Laughter is a gift from the universe, as long as we breathe, we can laugh!" says Khushmita of Urban Ashram. We tell you more about the benefits of laughter and how it can make you healthier and happier...

AJNA Centre For Learning

AJNA Centre for Learning has been empowering people to create the positive change they seek in their lives. The founders of AJNA have spent a lifetime seeking out methods of self help that are effective, easy to do and with long lasting results. Read on to know more...

The second innings

The role of a mother has its shares of ups and downs. We tell you how to cope up with the downs, so you will have memories to cherish with your child...


Pune reported its first swine flu death this year earlier this week. Here are a few preventive tips to stay safe this monsoon...

Fun, frolic and Fitness at Urbounce

Enjoy gymming in party-style at Pune's first ever fitness pub, Urbounce, an innovative initiative by Infinite Life Fitness Pvt Ltd. It is aimed at helping you achieve peak fitness through fun and fill your life with happiness and bounce. Here's more...

Bride and Groom….with Boot Camps!

With the wedding season coming up, only the dress designers and their tailors would be equally busy as the bride and the groom, what...

An app that diagnoses ear infections

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was a term we used to signify the many benefits of eating the nutritious fruit, but soon this term may also be applied for the smart phone company of the same name.

Weight loss or what?

Losing weight is not a very difficult task. In fact it is easier than what most of us think! Just one month and you can shed fifteen kilos of weight! YES......this is true! But a lot depends on what the real target is and the time we can give ourselves. These are the two very important factors for losing weight- TARGET AND TIME.

Absolute Focus: Workouts

“C’MON... BE STRONG... LIFT... YES!” These are the yelps that usually make up the real music on a weight training floor! The obvious reason behind this is the push that a weight lifter gets while lifting heavy weights to go on to the next level of fitness.


Made up of a thousand petals, the Saharara chakra signifies light, happiness, bliss and a blessing. Starting from the Muladhara, the journey of self criticism takes a path that further takes us to the destination.